Kenzie’s Beauty Corner: 2017 forecasts bold trends
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2016 was the year of contouring, matte liquid lipsticks and strobing eye makeup led by innovative brands such as Milk Makeup, Pat McGrath Labs, Kylie Cosmetics and Colourpop Cosmetics.

Beauty trends and popular products of the year typically make their debuts via YouTube beauty vloggers and Instagram models. According to Statista, statistics database, makeup-related YouTube videos grossed an average of 5 million views every month, with over 5.3 million makeup and beauty videos released in 2016.

Many popular beauty trends seen throughout Instagram and YouTube included glittery eye makeup, blue lipstick, magnetic face masks and pumpkin spice hair.

While no one can exactly predict which beauty trends will take off or remain confined in the depths of Instagram and Youtube, 2017 has a promising beauty forecast with fresh and striking trends already spreading like wildfire.

It’s funny to think how often old trends come back around. Before contouring and matte lips, there was just standard bronzer and lipstick. In recent years, trends from past decades have slowly snuck back into the music, fashion and cosmetics industires. It makes me wonder, will 2017 bring about some of these previous, simpler trends, or will we continue on the sharp winged eyeliner, filled-in eyebrows, dramatic lipstick makeup train? I’m excited to see what takes off in the year of the Rooster.

After scouring photos both on social media and of models during New York Fashion week, here are my predictions. Whatever your resolutions are for 2017, I suggest experimenting with up and coming beauty trends to make 2017 a year full of feeling beautiful. Grab a drink and take notes.

Bold Blushes

With spring and summer trends approaching quickly, it’s expected that bright colors will be on trend. However, unlike when this trend reached global popularity in the ‘80s with bright blushes every color of the rainbow, 2017’s spin on this trend will focus more on soft femininity. Various shades of pink will likely be the central colors the masses will be experimenting with this year. Try a monochromatic, feminine look with soft pink or silver eyeshadows, bright blush that compliments your skin tone swept up to your temples, softly defined brows and glossy pink lips to achieve a more accessible adaptation of Kenzo Takada’s models in his spring fashion show.

Glittery Accents

Glittery lip and eye makeup took off last year, spear-headed by designers Marc Jacobs, Pat McGrath, Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen during their end of 2016 fashion shows. With glitter accents becoming more and more common amongst runway models and online beauty gurus, it’s likely that 2017 won’t be too preoccupied with the natural look. Subtle, fun pops of glitter can quickly amp up any look for a night out with friends, or a trip to the grocery store. No judgement here. Products like eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, highlighter and false eyelashes are getting the glittery treatment, becoming more widely visible and available in local drug stores and cosmetic companies’ websites. If you’re newer to bold makeup trends, a good jumping off point would be taking a cue from designer Shiatzy Chen, who added silver glitter to the lower lashlines of her models for her 2017 Paris Fashion Week show. Soft, feminine lipstick colors make the look polished and more accessible.

Glossy Lips

Opt for the natural look with clear or a sheer-pink lipgloss and bold eyebrows for an appearance that’s effortless and easy to integrate into your every day look. Eyebrows shape the face and add sophistication to a minimalistic look, off-setting an understated lip. Soft, glossy lips were a key aspect in the models' overall look in Christian Dior’s 2017 spring beauty and fashion line. For a fun look, try out glossy lips in a bolder pink with an otherwise natural make-up look, a style which first appeared in late 2016 on Instagram and M.A.C. cosmetics's fall ads.

Smudged Eyeliner

Winged liner comes and goes, but smudgy liner is back in black in 2017. Think of all those mornings in middle school when you quickly ran a black line of your mom’s Maybelline eyeliner under your eyes and called it a day. It’s a fun callback to the ‘90s grunge look that’s easy to dress up or down. Make your eyeliner look less messy and more chic by adding bronzer and liquid highlighter to your face for a sun-kissed look like this model from Blumarine.Read more at:backless formal dresses

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Celebrity photographer Anthony Horth focuses on Emirates Palace in new photoshoot
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Celebrity photographer Anthony Horth is using his most persuasive Australian charm and flattery to keep Paula, a Brazilian model, relaxed and smiling during their first shoot together.

Paula looks a picture of elegance as she sits on a "wedding throne" at Emirates Palace, surrounded by white tulips and draped in more than US$4 million (Dh14.6m) of diamonds.

But it is not the jewels that ­former Vogue photographer Horth is showcasing, nor the Dh6,373 lace wedding dress designed by Madiyah Al Sharqi, daughter of the ruler of Fujairah.

It is Emirates Palace itself that is the subject of the eight-day shoot. Horth has been hired to depict the Abu Dhabi hotel in a series of "imagination runs wild" ­storybook-style photographs.

Rather than setting up in the ballroom, where most brides at the Palace have their wedding photographs taken, Horth has chosen the boudoir of one of the hotel’s most opulent suites.

"I wanted it to be a more intimate environment," he says. "The palace as it was represented before [it] was too architectural, with not a lot of lifestyle – photographs of empty restaurants, for example. Everybody wants to go somewhere where a beautiful woman can have ‘joie de vivre’. Our model is going to do crazy things in our photoshoots."

Horth’s "photo chapters" will explore some of the rarely seen parts of the 360-room hotel.

"When I saw the dignitary gates, which are always closed to the public, I said ‘let’s go up there’", he says. "We’ll also have Paula riding an Arabian horse up the beach. Some of the palace’s 1,200 staff will be collaborating with us, too."

It is no surprise that Horth prefers an unusual setting for wedding photos. His own wedding 15 years ago, to his PR manager, Maria Jowett-Horth, took place in Antarctica.

"Maria and I on were on top of an iceberg, with a bunch of penguins lined up with us by our sides," he says. "There was one little penguin jumping up, trying to get up on the iceberg with us.

"Everybody thinks Antarctica is just ice and penguins, but there’s something magical about it. The colour of the ice is almost like a Caribbean blue."

His wedding also marked the moment Horth decided to switch his professional focus from fashion shoots, which had been his bread and butter for 30 years, to landscapes.

"I’d always been in love with beautiful landscapes, but was always putting a model in the shot," he says. "Whether we were on some beach in Tunisia, or up in the mountains of Scotland ... I kept thinking, ‘I like these ­landscapes without anybody ­being in them’. Then that became my passion."

Horth had been photographing the world’s most beautiful women since he was 17.

"I did Christy Turlington’s first shots and put her on the map," he says. "Marisa Berenson was unforgettable – she goes back to the early Voguedays. Sarah Murdoch, we also started from nothing for French MarieClaire."

Horth says his most memorable models were successful because they were "incredibly confident, gentle people – not divas".

He has particularly fond memories of Dayana Mendoza, a ­Venezuelan former Miss Universe who was a contestant in the 2012 season ofCelebrity Apprentice.

"She has no qualms about doing shots for a run-of-the-mill retail fashion client in America," he says. "No airs and graces. We wanted to bring her here for this shoot – it didn’t work out but I’ll bring her back to Abu Dhabi for something else."

Horth says he has never been one for following fashion trends, instead preferring a more ­timeless Grace Kelly-style classic beauty in his models.

"I’m not into that grungy, misunderstood look," he says. "The women who appeal to me are the ones who remind me of my mother. I lost her when I was 12, and I saw her as the most beautiful woman in the world."

Horth moved to New York in the late 1980s to work for Condé Nast.

He was assigned to photograph the Argyle Diamond Mine in East Kimberley, North Western ­Australia, and became fascinated by the "humbling" red-earthed landscape around the mine that still belongs to the Aboriginal community.

"We camped out with the a­­borigines there," he says. "They say that long ago, the local barramundi fish jumped from the waters of the dam to escape the local fishing women, and squished their tails on the sides of the rocks. In the process, many aboriginal women were killed, and their souls sank into the ground and turned into the rare pink diamonds that are found in the mine."

The story, which Horth calls ­Barramundi Dreaming, is the inspiration for Horth’s Mother Earth photo exhibition of the mining landscape that he is holding at Emirates Palace from April 22 to May 6.

It’s no coincidence that the ­diamonds Paula is wearing – courtesy of Dhamani jewellers – are sourced from the Argyle mine.

Horth admits he drives his wife "nuts" with his "photography affliction". "She must be the most photographed woman in the world," he says. "I’ll say lets do a quick selfie in a restaurant over dinner – but it always takes me forever. I’m an obsessive person."Read more at:purple formal dresses

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Most everyone who lives in San Antonio remembers the big snowstorm of 1985. A total 13 inches fell in the Alamo City. But for one couple, that day is even more memorable.

Exactly 32 years ago Thursday, KENS 5 was on the air with a severe weather warning: a historic snowstorm blanketing South Texas. Warnings were going out over the airwaves about staying off the roads. But what about driving to your own nuptials?

"It was icy and it was cold. I was not prepared," said Raul and Flo Rosas, who tied the knot on January 12, 1985, and they weren't going to let more than a foot of snow ice their plans.

"I remember looking out the window and seeing all the snow, how beautiful it was, but I didn't have no idea it was going to be that heavy," Flo said.

Their wedding wasn't in San Antonio, but in Seguin, where Raul's family is from.

"As the snow was coming down, I was more concerned about the party, the people that attended the wedding," Flo recalled. "I was hoping they would get back safely so that was my main concern."

"Just follow the tracks in front of you. Try to stay in the ruts. Very slowly," Raul added.

How in the world did they end up choosing that date?

"That night, when he proposed, I just got the calendar from the wall and said, 'One year from now we are going to get married,' and it fell on January 12."

If they had to do it all over again would they do it with the snow or without?

"Probably do the same thing," they agreed. "I wouldn't pick a different day."

Because its a day they'll never forget. The snow made it much more special.Read more at:cocktail dress australia | bridesmaid dresses australia

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A combination of hanging and flat goods and a design concept based on Schaefer’s 3D-MATRIX Solution® facilitates the order processing of both over-the-counter and online trade from one single distribution facility.

The capacities of four former warehouse locations were consolidated in the new facility at Tuusula. It houses about 100,000 different products – more than 1.8 million individual items in total. “All types of articles – from large products to cosmetics and decorative items to hanging textile goods – are now bundled together in one location for every distribution channel,” explains Stockmann’s Logistics Manager, Elina Laine. “The distribution centre is the central component of our omni-channel strategy.”

In the middle of October, Stockmann held its thirtieth “Hullut Päivät” – literally ‘Crazy Days’ – five-day discount event. In this period, 1.4 million items were sold at the Group’s stores, including the flagship store in Helsinki. With more than 50,000 m² of retail space over eight floors, it is the largest department store in Finland and one of the largest in Europe. Over one million customers also visited the online shop during this period, with shoppers unpacking their internet orders the very next day.

To overcome seasonal peaks like these and to build a firm foundation for further growth and the expansion of the firm's operations, Stockmann in recent years completely overhauled its corporate logistics and became geared towards omni-channeling. The new operation is based on a system concept with the latest, future-proof automation components, a picking strategy according to the goods-to-person principle and a high-performance warehouse management system that coordinates the completion of orders for the different distribution channels. “An intelligent material flow concept, innovative system technology and attractive after-sales services for reliably supplying all distribution channels from a single installation,” are how Laine explains the decision to opt for SSI Schaefer. “SSI Schaefer offered us a thoroughly coherent overall package for long-term efficiency and investment security.”

SSI Schaefer developed a solution that organises the complex order handling processes into clear structures. By considering how to make the most efficient use of the 29,000 m² of warehouse space available, the automation components and IT installed guarantee the requisite performance levels. Furthermore, a five-strong team of technicians – provided on location and round the clock as part of SSI Resident Maintenance® concept – ensure for the continual maintenance and constant availability of the installation.

The centerpiece of the concept is a shuttle system with 130,500 bin storage locations for double-deep storage. The warehouse was designed according to SSI Schaefer’s 3D-MATRIX Solution®. Forty-five shuttle lifts and 72 multi-level Navette shuttles guarantee the maximum availability and efficiency of the processes. “We were already looking for a shuttle solution when we issued the call for tenders,” adds Logistics Manager, Laine. “The modular and scalable solution concept from SSI Schaefer impressed us immediately, as it provides our business with that all-important flexibility.” Furthermore, a pallet rack warehouse with 7,800 storage locations to replenish picking locations and a three-level hanging goods warehouse for more than 350,000 garments characterise the installation’s design.

“The material flows for store and eCommerce orders had been consistently separated due to the different shipment packaging and transport service providers,” says Rami Syrjä, Sales Manager for SSI Schaefer in Finland. “Coordinating this, structuring it according to staging times and different priorities and maintaining this all in perfect balance across a single installation presents a considerable challenge for the design of the warehouse management system.” Stockmann opted for SSI Schaefer’s WAMAS® logistics software. This is responsible for stock management, process control for a coordinated order completion and also offers complete transparency via its visualisation components.

The system as a whole is currently designed to have a performance of 55,000 order items with 180,000 articles per day. The innovative concept has already proven itself: “In the new distribution centre we are now able to complete orders for department stores and online orders much more quickly and transparently than before,” summarises Stockmann’s Logistics Manager, Laine. “The thoroughly scalable system concept also offers us a high degree of flexibility for our variable range of articles and leeway for further growth. SSI Schaefer’s solution has thoroughly impressed us.”Read more at:cocktail dresses online | formal evening dresses

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Mrs Ayade made the pledge in Calabar, the Cross River State Capital during the 2016 Calabar Fashion Show organized by the company in conjunction with the office of the wife of the Governor.

Speaking at the Ceremony, Mrs Ayade maintained that the idea behind the Calabar Fashion show is to promote fashion which are locally made and its contents in order to encourage local designs and discourage importation of foreign materials.

She said: “The Calabar Fashion Show will focus on local content, local designers with home grown ideas transforming local fabric to beauty.

“I believe that our rich cultural heritage is enough to form the basis for a new clothing line and a new name to be registered in the fashion design world”.

She maintained that eco-tourism is one of the major flagships of Cross River state, “when visitors come into the state they should be able to transport our culture and fashion to their own countries”.

She added: “Fashion shows like this one emphasize the viability of the fashion industry in the state. The building of a garment factory in Calabar was not a mistake and can open new vistas in development, apart from providing jobs for thousands of Cross Riverians”.

The event featured award presentation, goodwill messages exhibition/fashion runway, comedies, dance crews, green carpet, amongst others.Read more at:evening dresses online | bridesmaid dresses online

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Gwen Stefani
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Gwen Stefani wants to "scream" with joy whenever she sees someone wearing her designs.

The No Doubt frontwoman not only designs clothes for her line L.A.M.B, but also has collaborations with Urban Decay and denim guru Michael Glasser under her belt.

With her impressive resume it's no surprise Gwen has a mass fan base around the globe, yet the blonde beauty still can't get her head around the fact that people choose to wear her creations.

"I wear all kinds of crazy things and I love that about fashion!" she gushed to PeopleStyle, sharing her reaction of when she catches someone rocking her pieces in public. "It's the absolute craziest, most awesome moment ever! I want to scream, and sometimes I do! It is the biggest honour, each and every time - I have been like 'Thank you so much for wearing these! Do you love them?!' Oh man, it's the coolest!"

The Hollaback Girl singer's latest ventures include her becoming the face of make-up giant Revlon and launching her latest eyewear collection with Tura under her L.A.M.B. empire. Her third offering of spectacles come in various shapes, shades and sizes to reflect her own adventurous taste, as she notes, "I like the lack of rules and the freedom of creativity, rather than fitting into a mould or going with a trend."

Now, thanks to her work, Gwen has her pick of countless goods from her own collections and she rarely needs to splash out on products. But she admits that she never pays a fortune for clothes or accessories, because there was a time when she couldn't afford to.

"I would find sunglasses I loved at thrift or dime stores," she recalled. "I know they're an investment. I love that my line uses the highest quality materials but are still really affordable."Read more at:princess formal dresses

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When Sara Alemzadeh received a last-minute invitation to attend the wedding of a cousin of her good friend Ranya Khalil, she almost didn't go for want of a good dress for the occasion.

Ranya convinced Sara to borrow a dress from one of her friends for the occasion, but that episode gave the two a multi-million-dollar business idea.

For, not everyone has a friend from whom they can borrow a dress (especially one that fits them).

"That's when we realised we should start a platform for women where they can rent dresses online," says Sara, co-founder and chief executive officer of Designer-24, which offers designer dresses on demand, for rent.

Everyone sure wants to look stylish and trendy all the time, but life in a vibrant city like Dubai is a big, long party itself - at least that's what non-Dubaiites believe.

To maintain that style and standard in Dubai needs a deep pocket and an open wallet. Keeping up with the Khans also requires a never-ending closet full of dresses, which are of course worn just once or twice. To keep things simple and fill this gap, Sara and Ranya launched Designer-24 in the UAE in 2014, and expanded into Lebanon last summer.

"Initially, we launched Designer-24 by working directly with designers to rent out their new season dresses. Now, we have expanded the platform to allow women to lease out their dresses as well," adds Ranya, co-founder and president of Designer-24. "The journey has been a tough yet exciting one. We have focused on providing a strong product to serve the community and a top-notch customer experience," Sara says.

The concept of borrowing a dress is not new - designers have lent dresses to celebrities and influencers for decades. But the duo has taken it to common women in the UAE.

"Designer-24 is the Middle East's first online designer fashion rental company, started to revolutionise the fashion retail space and meet the region's high demand for dresses by allowing women to rent hundreds of designer dresses for the price of buying ten," says Sara.

"With social media creating heightened awareness of what we wear, women want a revolving closet. We provide the door," she says.

"We recently added an on-demand service in Dubai where women can book up to three styles of dresses with backup sizes (total six dresses) to receive within an hour. Think Uber of Fashion to solve every woman's last minute clothing dilemma. The driver waits for 30 minutes while the customer tries the dresses in the comfort of her own home, office or hotel. She only pays for the dresses she keeps," Sara said.

She says Designer-24 is planning to launch an app soon to make the booking process more seamless for their customers.

"We are also expanding into new products, including fur coats and accessories. In terms of geography, we are planning to expand our reach to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan," Ranya says.

According to A.T. Kearney's latest report, the GCC has the potential to become the world's fastest growing e-commerce playground with the market predicted to quadruple its value to $20 billion by 2020.

"We are so excited about the direction of the business. Our community continues to expand as we scale and increase our product range," Sara says. Designer-24 has a wide range of designer dresses to rent, from contemporary and more affordable diffusion lines that start at Dh100 to rent a dress that retails for Dh1,000 up to couture gowns that rent at Dh3,000 for a dress that retails for Dh30,000.

Sara says that the digital transformation and rise of social media has changed the entrepreneurial landscape completely. It's much easier now to launch a viable product.

"You see a lot of businesses launching on Instagram and Facebook. Marketing has also changed as these channels have become increasingly relevant to the masses," says Sara.

Noor Breish, fashion director of Designer-24, says the amazing thing about this region is that women are never underdressed, from lunches to dinners, house parties, and store launches to events.

"We offer dresses for any type of occasion and our bookings are quite evenly split between less formal fun evening cocktail dresses and long gowns for more formal events," Noor says.

Sara said right now her number one priority is growing and scaling the business. She hushes out the talk about her initial funding as her firm is in talks to raise funds for further expansion in the region.

"We are lucky to have amazing investors on board, including Jabbar Internet Group and MEVP," is all she says.

Samih Toukan, chairman of Jabbar Internet Group, says: "We see high growth potential for Designer-24. We invested in this company as the business model is quite unique to the region and Designer-24 has a great team. We are looking forward to seeing how they will continue to disrupt the digital fashion marketplace in the Middle East."

Sara urged entrepreneurs to be patient and build a network of entrepreneurs and friends in the start-up community. "Find a partner with different skills than yours. The key is to complement each other," Sara concludes.Read more | short formal dresses australia

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MISS PIGGY, the muppet whose boasts of being a paragon of porcine pulchritude are always good for a chuckle, is getting the last laugh as the new face of Kate Spade New York.

The big-haired pig puppet with the dreamy eyelashes is the latest in a long line of famous figures to adorn items from the clothing-and-accessories brand’s holiday collections.

She appears on a sweater, handbag, iPhone case, wristlet, clutch, tote, wallet, necklace, key chain and stud earrings, in a line inspired by “the spirit of disco”. Most of the items can be easily personalised for individualistic expression.

The prices range from Bt4,350 to Bt18,900 at leading department stores.

Miss Piggy needs no introduction anywhere in the lnown universe, having been part of Jim Henson’s Muppet troupe that’s entertained film and television audiences for more than 60 years.

For Kate Spade New York, Miss Piggy “continues to represent the very definition of an interesting, strong, independent, mesmerising, tantalising and irresistibly fabulous woman of this millennium – or any other”.

She’s a TV and film star, singer, dancer, best-selling author, fashion icon, supermodel and legendary diva, the firm points out. “She is powerful and feminine, and her curiosity, intelligence and strength are a natural fit for the brand.

“Just like the Kate Spade New York woman, Miss Piggy is the star of her own show and thrives in the spotlight, where, dare we say, she has and always will belong.”

The brand actually quotes Miss Piggy, though one might suspect that a spokesperson is at work behind the scenes.

“I’m experiencing a new freedom these days, taking chances, making decisions and of course inspiring all women to be like moi!” the puppet says.

“With Kate Spade New York I can make an exciting lifestyle statement and a bold fashion statement at the same time. Tres fabuleux, n’est ce pas?”Read more at: | evening wear

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Manika Ahuja

Warm, wrapped and stylish. Well, achieving all those three things together, might be a little difficult, but winter babies or not, there is no better way to define the common funda that guides everyone’s fashion choices as the wintry chills blow past. After all, who said that keeping those chilly winters from getting the best of you, means you should compromise on looking glamorous enough to catch some eyeballs?

Somehow, every winter seems to spell a tug-of-war of sorts between the mid-stomach length jackets and the long-sleeved coats. Well, one look at those knee-high boots paired with long-sleeved coat fad and it doesn’t take long to guess that this time around, coats have beaten the jackets for sure! Meet some hep youngsters from Tricity colleges, who are braving the wintry chill with their favourite coats. And guess what, their love for coats is not limited to throwing on the same old trench coat, but a variety of them – right from duffle coats to trench coats, faux fur coats and overcoats; to suit their body type and go with their attitude!

Warm and versatile

Rashi Chadha, a student of DAV College, feels one of the things that make coats beat the jackets is the fact that the former goes right up to the thighs and keeps them warm. She reasons, “I’m vulnerable to cold hence, for me, coats play the ultimate saviours! Not only do my favourite top coats and overcoats help me keep myself warm, thanks to the garments’ long length, but also, help me step up my style.”

Another thing that ups her coat-love, is the fact that the garment can be paired up with just about anything under the sun, “Even if I am wearing plain jeans, a simple t-shirt or tunics underneath. All I have to do is to just have wear a stylish coat to get that classic trendy look.”

Agrees City-based Shaven, who swears by the irresistible charm of duffle coats. His favourite pick? Well, hear it from him- “There is nothing as a graceful as a duffle coat in camel hair style. It is just so classy, and the colour gels well with any shade.”

Colour code

For Chandigarh lad Sahil Bheora, the best trick to rock a ‘coated-boot look’ lies in choosing a colour which not only goes well with the season, but also goes with the complexion and personality of the wearer. “As they say, dark-coloured outfits absorb heat and light, it is always better to opt for a dark-hued coat instead of the camel hair coats. Also, the weight of the fabric makes a huge difference, so a sheer black is obviously cooler than a super heavy black coat. It will up your overall look and provide you ample warmth too!”

Black beauty

Talking of colours, while there are a myriad of colours stacked up at various outlets, from all the reds and blues, black emerges to be a clear favourite. Pankaj Uppal, a student of Bachelor of Arts; and Aakash Kohli, who is gainfully employed with a private firm in Chandigarh’s IT Park, strongly recommends black over the rest shades, in unison.

Their reason is plain and simple, “Black is a classic colour. It makes the wearer appear thinner and more sophisticated. The best part is that black creates a slimming effect for the eye. This makes it a winning combination, for it will keep you shielded from the cold; and yet, visibly reduces the bulky appearance.”

As for his favourite coat style, pat comes the reply, “Trench coats! Everyone should have a trench coat, for it enhances your personality, irrespective of the wearer’s age and gender.” So, this winter season, don’t forget to grab your favourite coat for that protective cocoon from the chilly breezes!

Chandigarh-based fashion designer Rubina from Rubina’s, feels that apart from the winter-coat trends which have received a ready thumbs up from youngsters, there are other ones that are swiftly surging up the fashion radar, “While camel and black coloured coats are every girl’ s all-time favourite styles. Some other ones such as those with laced-up lapels and coats with raw edges in styles such as camel leather, oversized shapes, sloping shoulder-style, extra long coats and coats in a shin-grazing length are here to stay.”Read more at:vintage formal dresses | formal dress shops sydney

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Slit kurtas: capes and asymmetric hemlines will make a flattering trend in 2017, says an expert who feels that ethnic wear will get a makeover in the coming season when stylised differently.

Slits: Extended slits are all set to make ethnic wear newer and modern. Adding to this, chic designs merged with the bold slits are taking fashion one step further. Slit kurta is a bold choice for women and is the right combination of modern, edgy, regal and traditional fashion. Slit Kurtis incorporating geometric patterns are much in vogue. You can give these a contemporary twist by teaming them up with bottoms such as trousers, a pair of jeans palazzos and even with churidars and leggings.

Capes: This style is now making its way in Indian ethnic fashion. Easy to wear, Capes can be embraced by every body type. Opt for a simple kurti and a fancy cape to clad in an uber cool indo-ethnic look.

Asymmetric hem: Asymmetric patterns with distinctive cuts have recently become a personal favourite of designers with more and more upcoming artists embracing this style in their new collections. You can team asymmetric kurtis with Patiala, leggings and palazzos for some trendy style.

High neck and collar: Kurtis with high neck and collar add a formal touch to the attire. You can flaunt this gorgeous style at corporate meetings, conferences as well as at casual gatherings. If you desire for unconventional appeal you can try out high neck kurti with retro prints, hardcore geometrical influences and rough edged silhouettes and make heads turn.

Light fabrics: Fabrics play a crucial role to define trends in ethnic fashion. With extensive amalgamation of modern silhouettes with the traditional handloom, feminine designs along with light fabrics will be on trend this year. You can expect cotton, chiffon and silk with captivating patterns and playful prints.Read more at:white formal dresses | black formal dresses

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