Venus Williams would love to create a men's collection with Tom Ford.

The tennis ace has also been scoring off the court in the style stakes thanks to her label EleVen, which has been producing stylish activewear since 2007, and made its New York Fashion Week debut in 2012.

Venus recently launched her spring 2017 collection, titled Intrepid, and she's already eyeing up future fashion ventures.

"I think it'd be really cool to do a men's collection with Tom Ford: I eventually want to move beyond the women's arena and bring men's designs to EleVen - there's no limit!" she exclaimed to Refinery29, adding childrenswear is also on her agenda.

"Yes, I think we'll do that down the road as well. It's important for young people to be well and healthy; if you do that when you're young, it translates to (being active) the rest of your life."

Landing Tom as a design partner may not be such a pipe dream as the 36-year-old has a long history of working with some of the world's top designers. She's previously collaborated with Ralph Lauren and Diane von Furstenberg to create high-end tennis clothes, and admits it would be great to get a top fashion name on board at EleVen.

"It's definitely something I should be working on, ha!" she laughed. "Sometimes, I'm just focused on what I'm doing for the brand, so I'll forget about collaborations. That can be one of the most fun parts of design - being able to have someone push you and for you to push them, so you can try to create something you haven't done before."Read more at:blue formal dresses | pink formal dresses

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The Italian designer worked as the creative director of Givenchy's women's haute couture and ready-to-wear line from 2005, where he built up a reputation for Gothic touches and minimalist silhouettes.

While Tisci announced his departure from the French luxury fashion house in February (17), he sees a new wave of trends emerging within the industry, not unlike the distinctive style of the 1990s club scene in London.

"It was freedom, fashion was freedom," he told "It's something which has started to come back again, there's a lot of freedom today. People are really honest about what they like."

Tisci also references the party scene a lot in his work and counts Edward Enninful, Jefferson Hack, Katy England and his longtime model Mariacarla Boscono as among his favourite people to go out with. Though he hangs out with some of fashion's top names, the 42-year-old is adamant that they aren't pretentious in the slightest.

"People that really know how to let themselves go and they don't care what people think about it," he laughed. "They dance the way they want to dance, they dress the way they want to dress - really out there - to have a really good time together. That's the most important thing."

Tisci recently marked the 30th anniversary of Nike's Air Max with the launch of the Riccardo Tisci x NikeLab Air Max 97 Mid. And even though he has a continuing slate of projects lined up, the designer insists his life isn't all work and no play.

"In Italy we have this very old saying - so much you work, so much you have to have fun. I work so hard, and I give so much to work. And I love music, the energy of humans, letting go and just celebrating. It's important," he shared.Read more at:orange formal dresses | red formal dresses

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Is it possible to have too many clothes?

While there’s no correct answer, I’d argue that having more clothes doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be happier or better dressed. In fact, it may make it harder to find what you’re looking for.

And I don’t just mean asking your ayi where that one t-shirt is. Sometimes having too many choices makes it difficult to maintain a cohesive sense of self; we evolve and adapt, and so should our wardrobes.

So even though shops, brands, and the media alike will all be telling you that you need to add this or must have that for spring, I’d like to propose cleaning out your closet in order to improve it. Here are five simple steps...

Step 1: Prepare Yourself Mentally

The first step is simply agreeing with yourself that you need to do some spring cleaning and that it will be better for you in the end. Clutter has been proven to affect people mentally, emotionally, and even physically, so having a clean environment should have positive effects on your general well being. You should also come up with an approximation of what percentage you want to get rid of, such as 10 percent or 30 percent. If you’re really ambitious, try and get rid of 50 percent.

Step 2: Take Everything Out

Take literally everything out of your closet. This way you can visualize just how many clothes you have and how much space you have to keep them. Seeing an empty closet will definitely help you breathe better, and it’s easier to put things back than pull things out.

Step 3: Put Back the Pieces You LOVE

Put back your absolute favorites, the pieces you can’t live without. You’ll see your closet slowly fill up with your most-used, mostloved pieces and feel like all that extra stuff only distracts you from the core of your wardrobe.

Make sure to stick with your original targets, and stop putting clothes back if you have to squeeze them into your closet, because there will always be new clothes! There’s no absolute right or wrong amount so there’s no need to stress, but as de-clutter guru Marie Kondo points out you should only keep things that bring you joy.

Step 4: Donate or Swap Your Previously Loved Items

Try to distinguish between clothes you used to love and clothes you currently love… If something is still in good condition, you can make sure it still goes to good use!

There are plenty of places to drop off clothes you no longer want or need: any H&M store, select Element Freshrestaurants through Fiber Projects, and soon REFORM will partner with locations such as offices and schools to not only offer donation boxes but also workshops and educational activities.

If you want to exchange your clothes, first make sure you have enough empty space in your closet and then check out Daliah, Xinlelu Closet Swap, SwapShops, or Pewa’s Closet Exchange.

And during Shanghai Fashion Week there will be a special project called ‘The Greatest You Charity Popup Shop’ with shipping containers around the city where you can donate clothes, which will then travel around China for more swapping until finally arriving back in Shanghai to close the loop.

Step 5: Save Up and Invest in Pieces You’ll Always Love

Once you’ve re-arranged your closet with only pieces you love, you’ll know better what you’re looking for! And instead of buying cheaper items that you’re bound to throw out, buy fewer, higher-quality items to create a wardrobe full of clothes you’re obsessed with and that will last a lifetime. If you calculate costper-wear, a coat for RMB3,000 worn 100 times is much cheaper than a dress for RMB100 that you wear once.

To put the ‘quality over quantity’ theory to test, I encourage you to try the ‘Project 333’ challenge. Wear only 33 items – including clothing, accessories, jewelry and shoes – for the next three months. After that, cleaning out your wardrobe should be a much easier task.Read more at:yellow formal dresses | vintage formal dresses

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Models from Bourne Events agency wearing outfits created from WA wool with the Peter Scanlan Wools team who came up with the idea, including store manager Darren Shivers (third left), wool buyer Steve Noa (sixth left), Peter Scanlan (eighth left) and Louise Scanlan (far right), in the wool pavilion at the 2017 Make Smoking History Wagin Woolorama.
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WOOLGROWERS who watched the fashion parades at the 2017 Make Smoking History Wagin Woolorama last week saw some of their wool being worn by the models.

Peter Scanlan Wools had eight pure wool and wool blend women's fashion outfits made especially for the event by Sunshine woollen mills in China, the world's biggest integrated worsted wool fabric and clothing manufacturer.

The outfit styles and designs were left to Sunshine with the only stipulation from Peter Scanlan Wools being that the outfits had to be made from WA Merino wool.

No one watching the parades in the Ray Johnson wool pavilion would have realised it, but the stylish outfits were a special rush order.

Peter Scanlan Wools' wool buyer Steve Noa flew to China the weekend before Woolorama specifically to collect the outfits to have them back in WA in time.

The urgent order came about when Peter Scanlan's daughter Louise discovered one of the other scheduled exhibitors for the fashion parades had dropped out.

Ms Scanlan runs Ignite The Night formal dress hire in Fremantle and was already booked to display some of her company's range during the parades using models from Bourne Events modelling agency.

She and her father and the rest of the Peter Scanlan Wools team got together and came up with a plan to fill the gap in the parades.

"Sunshine mills is a client of ours, we sell a lot of WA wool to them and Steve (Noa) has a very good relationship with them," company founder Peter Scanlan said.

"Steve asked them to make up eight outfits out of WA wool for the fashion parades.

"We left the designs up to them, we didn't know what we were getting until Steve flew to China to collect them - we didn't want anything to go wrong with a courier so we sent Steve to collect them.

"All they (Sunshine) wanted to know was the measurements of the models who would be wearing the outfits, so we contacted the modelling agency, got that information and sent it to Sunshine."

The outfits comprising day and evening wear, skirts and jackets, dresses and pants suits, were displayed immediately after the Ignite The Night collection with an explanation to audiences that they were specifically made up for Woolorama from WA wool.Read more at:formal dress shops sydney

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Beyonce hid her growing baby bump with an artfully-placed hoodie in the first pictures from her activewear line Ivy Park's Spring 2017 collection.

The 35-year-old singer recently announced she and husband Jay Z are expecting twins - siblings for their five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy.

While it is believed the new Ivy Park campaign shots were taken last November (16), Beyonce's changing figure was still noticeable, with the singer forced to come up with a creative way to disguise her bump prior to the big announcement.

One picture shows Beyonce wearing a cropped hoodie, with an khaki green hoodie featuring the brand's name tied across her stomach.

Another featured a profile picture of the Formation singer in the same green hoodie, which features zip-off sleeves, but is noticeably taken without the stomach in shot.

Other snaps show Beyonce flaunting her ample cleavage in an Ivy Park sports bra, with a cap worn over natural curls, and a shrug-style-hoodie keeping her arms covered.

While Beyonce wasn't able to perform some of the athletic poses she did for previous campaigns, she enlisted the help of Black-ish actress Yara Shahidi for the rest of the shoot, with the 17-year-old hand-picked by the superstar for the pictures.

Speaking to Pret-a-Reporter previously about teaming up with Ivy Park on the campaign, Yara explained: "What I love about the campaign is how supportive it is of women, and being in control of our bodies. It's about how we express ourselves. When I was shooting, it was obvious that it wasn't the idea of 'Oh, we have to sell these clothes' it was more so about selling the message - this idea of being one with ourselves and being athletic.

"A lot of the questions we were asked on set were like, 'Where's your favourite place to be?' or, 'What is your favourite book?,' 'What is your favourite song?' What I really love about the message is that it's about that connection between mind and body."

Ivy Park is available in Nordstrom, Topshop, Six:02, Lady Foot Locker and Hudson's Bay in America, and Topshop, Selfridges and JD Sports in the U.K.Read more at:cheap formal dresses online

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IT is without a doubt the most important night in the film industry. The awards received at the Oscars change not only nominee careers, but also their lives. Tens of thousands of people tune in around the world in different time zones to watch this celebrity filled ceremony for the inside look at some good old fashioned Hollywood. However, one of the most important aspects is not just who won, but what they wore.

Beginning in 1929 and hosted at the Roosevelt Hotel, the awards have since transformed in size and prestige. Gowns have gone down in history as they glide down the 16,800 square foot red carpet showcasing designs only to be described as breath-taking. Who could possibly forget Halle Berry’s Elie Saab sheer top appliqué gown from the 2002 awards with the taffeta maroon skirt that had everyone talking? Or indeed the year Julia Roberts won her award in 2001 wearing Valentino; a black a line dress with a white central stripe that looked effortless and chic. Hilary Swank was the epitome of elegance and grace in 2005 when she wore a navy Guy Laroche gown.

We may not remember the movie but we will still remember the dress years after. What is it that makes one dress seem to be so grand, so magnificent that stands the test of time? The platform the Oscars holds for designers to showcase their masterpieces is the only one of its kind in the film industry. Even if you pay no attention to the night at all, the photos hit the web instantly and plaster the cover of magazines for months to follow.

Celebrities endorsing the designers they chose to wear can launch an unknown name into stardom overnight. The trends seen in the high street stem from those shown on the red carpet and influence make-up brands, jewellery designers and clothing designers to take a new unexpected route when planning their clients looks. Instant social media posts arrive online from the photographers to cause a stir in the outside world of instant hits and misses; consumers needing, almost dying to get “that look” (without the million dollar price tag.) Having a celeb hit the red carpet with your dress or jewellery can not only shine the spotlight on the designer, but also massively increase sales profits, collection exclusivity and consumer demand for more.

The attention that follows having the gown on the cover of a magazine under the sought after “Best Dressed” title can follow months of press and attention on the celebrity in question. This can give celebrities the opportunity to really showcase their style and make bold choices with their fashions, earning them the top spot on Fashion Week covet-able seats along the Front Row, where they watch the next year’s inspirations blossom and take hold. Having the Oscars at the beginning of the launch of Spring Summer collections means the colours and fabrics seen on the red carpet are lighter, more feminine for those who choose to avoid making a statement – think Lady Gaga and her hip pads circa 2016 Golden Globes moment in an off the shoulder black Atelier Versace gown.

This year’s ceremony welcomed a whole new class into the Oscar gown hall of fame. Emma Stone, twinning with her golden Oscar statuette in Givenchy, made history as the first Best Actress winner to wear the designer since Audrey Hepburn in 1954 – proving that sometimes the records broken on the red carpet are just as important as those broken at the ceremony.Read more at:formal dresses adelaide

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Happy Women's Day
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Rejection was heartbreaking

Model Rose Alisha from Assam is a popular face in the Delhi modelling circuit. From ad campaigns to regional movies, she has bagged many prestigious assignments. But the road to success wasn’t easy for her. Rose was initially rejected because she is from the north east. “Casting directors refused to sign her up for modelling assignments and music videos because of my different looks. “I wasn’t given a music video because the casting director said, ‘Yeh to Nepalan lagti hai (She looks Nepalese). Get an Indian face’. It was heartbreaking but I didn’t pay any attention to all this and remained focused on my work,” says Rose. “I knew one day I will be known and appreciated for my work, and not as someone from the north east,” she says.

People love and respect my work

Designer Ranjima Bora is reviving traditional fabrics and crafts from Northeast and incorporating them her collection. She hopes one day she will make the traditional Assamese dress mekhela chador as popular as saris. The journey in the fashion world has not been easy. “Initially, it was very tough to set up a base here because no one knew me. People here have a wrong notion about northeastern women that they are easy going and can easily do things which they ask them to do,” she says. Her faith in her work kept her going. “It took a lot of courage to showcase my work in a world that is dominated by men, but I was not the one to give up,” she says.

Not an outsider anymore

Makeup artist Annalia Zhimomi came to Delhi a few years ago. She soon realized that it was not going to be easy to convince people to hire her. “People didn’t take me seriously because they thought I wasn’t fit for dolling up a Punjabi bride. I was never called for doing makeup for weddings in Delhi because people thought that I won’t have the same sensibilities since I am from Northeast. I felt like an outsider.” Annalia has many prestigious projects to her credit now, along with a few big fat weddings. “I owe it to hard work and perseverance,” she says.

The Northeast is beautiful

Makeup artist Iti Baruah recalls that once she was hired for doing makeup for a short Punjabi film, and the moment the producer got to know that she is from Northeast, she was asked to quit. “I felt terrible. They thought I won’t be able to do the makeup right,” she says. But this doesn’t happen to her anymore. “I have been able to convince people that I am good at my work, and north east is a beautiful Indian state. It only adds to my aesthetic sense,” she says.Read more at:formal dresses

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There are few riffs more calculated to make you get off your ass and strut than the one that launches T.Rex’s 20th Century Boy. To hear Marc Bolan’s guitar firing the first salvo at Junya Watanabe’s show on Saturday morning was to double-take into major neck dislocation. But really, what other sound made sense with what Junya showed? The sheer Dionysian release of Bolan’s music conveyed the same feeling of gleeful abandon that powered Watanabe’s collection.

Decades ago, he magicked his first collection out of the detritus of London flea markets: curtains, sofa covers, old coats. His latest work was motivated by the same DIY spirit. Collisions of tartan and leopard print, fishnet body stockings, crocheted tights. Hair hacked and dyed.

It was punk, but it was also glam, both of them youth cults that delighted in flagrant display which spat in the face of the grey men who ran governments that helped no one, who drove humanity into the ground. The nothing-to-lose ethos of those brilliant kids turned Ziggy Stardust and Johnny Rotten into cultural icons. Watanabe remembered them in his new collection. The first model in the red Ziggy mullet with the disc suspended on her forehead…was that not an echo of a classic Bowie image?

Glam and punk in the UK were potent touchstones for Japanese designers. I can’t think of one who wasn’t touched in some way by them. Island nations, hands across the water yadda yadda. Watanabe honoured his design roots with a print featuring the “Union High Back” chair by London-based furniture design company Jimmie Martin. And if that wasn’t arcane enough, he also mutated glam/punk’s visual iconography with his own recent explorations of pure polyhedral form, all those pointy bits and pieces that glossed the past with the techno-future. It was sensational, especially when the fractal collages of fabricfolded inwards like insects’ wings. Watanabe’s women could have been extraordinary birds, waiting to take flight.

And that was the relentlessly upbeat mood of his show. Glam and punk assumed their gorgeous forms in moments of particular political darkness in the UK. If, superficially, they seemed to embrace dystopia (Ziggy sang, “Five years, that’s all we’ve got.”) they were also a celebration of survival, a rise-above-it-all indefatigability, a you-go-girl-and-boy defiance.

Watanabe’s soundtrack included Trent Reznor and Karen O’s version of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song. In the Trumposphere, that needs no further comment. We also heard T.Rex’s fabulous exhortation Children of the Revolution. Called to the barricades by Marc Bolan?Read more at:white formal dresses | black formal dresses

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Before you hit the stores to stock up on summer essentials, keep an eye on factors like seaside stripes and oversized bags which might trend big, says an expert.

Abhinaya, Myntra Fashion Stylist, lists some trends:

* Seaside stripes: Just when we thought there's nothing more to stripes, seaside stripes make their way. Ripped straight from beach umbrellas and lounge chairs, these in-your-face lines are the perfect summer staples you always wanted to own.

* Oversized bags: Bags get bigger -- really bigger to an exaggerated degree. Don't be surprised if you spot them on the streets and airports very soon, for they can hold anything and everything you need.

* Shades of yellow: Looking forward to wearing a happy colour this summer? Then go all out with yellow -- whether it's stripes, solids or ruffles. And no matter what your skin tone is, there a shade of yellow for everyone.

* Slit sleeves: Flared sleeves make way for slit sleeves this year. They are taking over denim jackets, feminine tops, maxi dresses and button-downs too. Here's a pro tip: stock up on some bracelets and bangles to play up this fresh-off-the-runway style.

* Flatforms: Girls who love the height but hate the heels, it's time to rejoice. The most comfortable heel style - Flatform - is back in vogue. From strappy ones to creepers, from classy to chunky, the possibilities of wearing them this season are endless.Read more at:short formal dresses

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Will and Argylica Conditsis at their Baulkham Hills warehouse. Picture: Peter Kelly
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A 23-year-old who built an online fashion business from her bedroom said dropping out of university was “the best decision” she ever made.

Argylica Conditsis’ fashion journey began in 2012 when the university student started decorating shoes in her bedroom.

“I used to bejewel shoes because I couldn’t find shoes in the market that I was looking for,” she said.

As friends and family started noticing her shoes — and putting in their orders — Ms Conditsis, of Baulkham Hills, began selling her creations online.

She soon began selling clothing as well as shoes and sales “just skyrocketed”.

“It grew so organically, so fast, that I had to drop out of uni and drop any jobs I had and put all my attention into the brand,” she said.

The Gilroy College alumni made the decision to quit her half-finished visual communications degree in 2013 — despite family and friends trying to convince her otherwise — and focus on her business, Babyboo Fashion, fulltime.

“At the time it was a bit of a difficult situation, but I don’t regret it one single bit,” she said.

“It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”

A year later, her brother William also left his business and commerce degree to join the company.

“He saw the brand rapidly evolving and just thought he could contribute so much more … so he came on board,” Ms Conditsis said.

Ms Conditsis said the brother-sister duo now head up a team of eight other staff and stock more than 3000 items of clothing, which they ship to customers around the world.

The online-only company, which has a combined social media following of more than 450,000, sells a mixture of about 60 per cent of their own designs and about 40 per cent sourced from suppliers, a balance that Ms Conditsis hopes to increase to 90 per cent of their own designs by the end of the year.

Rapid expansion has required a few moves — the company recently outgrew its second warehouse and will soon shift into its third in Baulkham Hills.

Ms Conditsis said the success of Babyboo Fashion was a result of “trial and error” and “learning from your mistakes fast”.

“There is no real rule book in how to set up a business,” she said.

“ … I’d try something and it didn’t work, so I’d try something new.”

Ms Conditsis said while her business faced “challenges every single day”, her passion has kept her focused.

“You need to find something you enjoy doing so that it makes it worth it when challenges pop up, because it’s so easy to give it all away,” she said.Read more at:evening dresses

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